Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back When I was a Child

[If you know Luther Vandross' Dance with my Father, I'm sure the title sounds familiar. I just deem the title fit for this entry!]

As my blog says, creativity comes from the soul. I already felt that ever since I was a young girl. My parents would enroll us to different classes and one of which was PAINTING. My sister always struggled (I love you, sis!) but in my case, it was the source of my childhood joy.  Every time others compliment me for my work, I'm further reassured that "Bettina, you were born for this."

I'm not saying I'm that good because damn, I need much, much, much practice! But as the years passed, I'd like to believe I've grown as an artist and still a work in progress.

Lemme show you some of my sketches when I was a child:

One of the rooms in the house we used to live in

See those stains!
Disney's Ariel

Curious Play (Fushigi Yugi) 

The only sketch I can find that I colored. (hihihi)
A portrait of myself

In the painting classes we took, the last project was to paint something for a grand exhibit. Here's my work:
Look at my signature way back in 2001! 

I drew a lot more but these were the only ones I can find. What do you think? :)


  1. in fairness, as a kid, you chose an interesting angle for your self-portrait. early signs of pure artistry, i guess.

    anyway, thanks for your insightful comment. :)

    1. Thank you! I was really fascinated into sketching pictures of myself and my friends.

      You're welcome! Your works were really commendable! :)


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