Friday, May 25, 2012

From Reality to Fantasy

Last March, my cousin from Canada went here for a visit. He is a sucker for photos so him coming instantly meant a photoshoot!

I'm not not going to upload the final photos but here's one picture from it that I sketched and painted.

I know, I have a dirty watercolor set but it still does wonders! 

The original photo and my sketch
Final sketch

 When I said sketch and paint, I literally meant that I left some parts in ink and painted the rest. I wanted the final sketch to transform from realistic to the cartoon world. I wanted viewers to see the transition from reality to fantasy. Sometimes, this is how I see the world, our world in someone's realm of imagination.


  1. kumapal lng ng onti ung book.. pero galing galing padin.. hahaha

    1. Thank youuuu JOYCE! >:D< Actually, nagkamali talaga ako dun sa book! :)

  2. heyyyy! I love this painting!!! Grabe mentioned tlga ko? hahaha thank u! Miss youuuu! Reading ur blog. Love ittttttt!

    1. HAHAHA. Thank you! Ofcourse! Don't worry, hindi ko naman namention name mo. MISS YOU MOREE! May blogspot ka pala. :)


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