Sunday, May 13, 2012

Retro Vibe

What other perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day but with some pasta! Strolling at the mall, my mom spotted this pasta place, The Old Spaghetti House. The food was great but what stunned me more was the interior design of the restaurant. It was my first time to eat at that branch and having my camera at hand, I seized the opportunity and took some photos.

 I love the wood effect on the ceiling and the way the stained-glass lamps lit the place. The colors were just vibrant when the light strikes the surface. 
 I noticed the retro vibe of the place, especially the idea of sticking old cds, albums and paintings of famous artists on walls. It seems like the typical memorabilia of an all-time music and art fan. 
I also find the colored bottles attractive. The concealed lights create this shadow effect on the colors the bottles emanate. The whole scrapbook theme, retro vibe and play of colors just make the background very eye-catching. People just cannot help taking photos of it. 
This place seems like an old house to me! Two thumbs-up! :) 

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