Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Perfect Place To Know Our History (Part I)

Last week, my groupmates and I visited the National Historical Commission of the Philippines to research for our site analysis on Rajah Sulayman Park. This is part of our "exercise/project" in our subject Planning. Good thing, I have my camera with me so I took advantage to take some photos of the place.

Just a little background about NHCP. (as it was stated in the historical marker) National Historical Institute, as it was formerly called, was established as a Historical Research and Markers Committee under the Executive Order No. 451 by Gov.General frank Murphy to give honor to historical monuments, sites, events  and to the influential people who made a mark in our history. It was renamed thrice after it finally had its present name. The building was built during 1989 and finished in 1993. The Museum of the History of the Philippines can be found inside the building. (Unfortunately, it was closed during our time of visit).

View of NHCP outside the Entrance gate
As you enter, you will notice these details on the railings and the gate. This reminds me of the detailed ornament of the Chinese temple I painted before here.

Then, I saw these wall sculptures made by different sculptors. I wonder what material were they made. Seeing these sculptures will make one know the history of the Philippines. Most of them depicted the battles between the country and its conquerors.

That girl shouting for our freedom is Gabriela Silang.
The name of the sculptor and a year was also engraved. Maybe, it was also made during the 90's.
These were the railings surrounding the building 
I honestly don't know what this is but it seems interesting. If I'm not mistaken the words written on the plate are: The Chandler and Prisca, Cleveland USA. I googled it but I did not find any information. I think it has something to do with the printing industry.

This car made our jaws drop. It was owned by the former President Jose P. Laurel and was never used after his term. I wish I can take it home but it seems very secured by the NHCP.

Wait for the next part of my NHCP visit which will be focusing on the building's interiors! Stay tuned! :)

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