Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Sailor Treat

As you all know, last Sunday was Father's Day and we decided to celebrate it at Giligan's Restaurant, Glorietta 5 in Makati. The interiors were really eye-catching because of its sailor-inspired theme. I haven't been in a ship before but this restaurant makes me feel like I'm actually in one. I wasn't really able to take photos of the whole place since some of the areas were reserved.  

I found these cool art pieces within the restaurant space. This one really looks like an old pirates' ship. The blue lighting effect was a very smart strategy so as to have the sea vibe inside the display window.

These mirrors were made to look like port holes (round windows in staterooms or cabin in board ships). The lamps and framed maps were also added to make it more realistic.

Do you notice the surf board-shaped mirror in the photo? It is also one of my favorite pieces at the place. The vintage-inspired frame of the mirror makes the customers look at it than look at themselves.
How about the ropes in the ceiling? The molave wood and huge ropes that were made to look like docks above look very dramatic and convincing. Even the ship's wheel is displayed at the center (Maybe to serve as the focal point since its real function is to take control of the ship's course or pathway).
 The interior design did not go too far from the Filipino taste. The furniture were still Filipino-inspired and look like what my grandmother would want for her dining room. The dominant colors were black, white and brown. It balances the whole ambiance of  marine art in the restaurant.

The dishes served were also superb. Giligan's is famous in different parts of the world for its best quality offers. Their branch here in the Philippines even offers delicious and famous Filipino dishes and new recipes good for our taste.

I would love to go back here! :)


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