Monday, July 30, 2012

Playing with Magazines

My nails have been quite boring lately, so I experimented a little and used glossy magazine pages as my nail polish for a change. I cut these papers according to the shape of my nails. To achieve that retro feel, I made it a point to choose different patterns that were quirky.

I dipped the magazine cut-outs  in water  and applied a base coating, a colorless polish, on my nails. I stick the cut-outs one by one on my fingernails before the base coating dries so that they'll stay in place.

For the finish, I applied a top coating to make it more secure. Taduuuh!

See, you don't have to spend a hundred bucks on posh nail art salons. You can do it right at home! :)


  1. Nice naman!!! Super fash!

    Very creative!

    1. HAHAHA. Thank you! Pwede din newspapers gamitin with the same procedure.

    2. Oo naman gagawin ko rin yan sa nails ko! Hahaha not really :) Pero peel off lang pag gusto mo nang mag-iba ng style?

    3. Yup, pero medyo sticky siya kaya be careful lang. :)


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