Monday, August 6, 2012

Cool Find: Subspace Coffee House

I have been having a lot of fun doing restaurant interior reviews so why not continue the streak. This one we just visited today that my friend recommended to me in random. Of course, we wanted to go here after seeing online how eye candy the interior is but we just couldn't squeeze it in our tight class schedule. Luckily, our supposed classes from 8 am to 9pm today were suspended so time to put into action one of our "awesomeness" plans.

  It is unique, creative, fresh, and all other adjectives you can associate with those I've mentioned. I swear I never thought I'll find such a beautifully eccentric place here in the metro, guilty in thinking that you only find those in provinces. 

So Subspace Coffee House is a Korean inspired coffee hub that offers caffeinated to non-caffeinated drinks and the most delicious cakes, pastries and pastas you can ever imagine! I'm sure to go back there a couple of times more! 

Now on to the interior. 
The owners, being furniture designers themselves, probably exhausted their creative juices to make this place what it is. They used their furniture from their own shop, Space Encounters. I assume that the interiors change every once in a while because it looks different from what I've seen from other blogs.

I just really love the artsy vibe this place has. It uses pieces that you won't usually use for display such as this chair action happening in the ceiling. Instead of sitting on them, they're actually scrunched together to form the weirdest ceiling design, an odd piece of art. 

I want to make one for myself because I am such a vintage fan, if you haven't noticed. I love the idea of sticking cut-outs around the clock.

I've been dying to buy a polaroid camera and it would be cool to have a firework-inspired display like that to hang photographs as what they did here.
See those miniature avengers displayed on the topmost shelf. Aren't they just adorable?

I honestly have no idea why they spelled out "B-U-G", and its relationship with the chicken,the little white bear, the bird, the plantbox and the stool but surprisingly, it works!
And there's hot Siwon poster over there, if you haven't seen him in Bench's latest ads.

During night, this wall barriers are set aside for a movie to be projected at the white space.  They were even creative to maximize the whole space since they were given less than a quarter of the total floor area of the building. 

Now, don't these pastries make you drool?
This is a slice of the red velvet cake my friend ordered.

Look at their bestseller Purple Potato Latte. Still, so artsy!

But I'm sorry my Pistachio nut cake tastes better and my Purple potato Latte is way cuter!

 I encourage you to pay them a visit. It's their only branch located at Ground Floor, Grand Emerald Tower along Ortigas Avenue in Pasig! :)


  1. nice blogpost! we'll definitely visit that place. got my new blog BTW, please support.


  2. Thank you JC! I'll visit your blog also! :)


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