Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hidden Garden, "Discover the Place"

Ilocos is one of the places I dream of visiting. (I've been blabbering about it all summer!) Finally, I got the chance when a required school trip came and my parents had no choice but to send me there (haha!).  I have checked another out off my "DREAMS LIST! I promise to blog about my Ilocos trip soon after our project has been passed and graded since this trip is mainly for that purpose but for now, let me just share with you one of the stores I found there.

I've been gone for almost a week and you know what I missed most?  Doing restaurant reviews! It is not everyday that I get to go to Ilocos so there's no way I'm not going to take pictures especially of places like this restaurant where we had our superb breakfast and lunch. 

They call it "The Hidden Garden". It has been famous among the celebrities and tourists who visited Vigan, Ilocos Sur. The moment you enter the restaurant, you would find yourself inside a pool of  traditional and local crafts one could only see in Ilocos. 

A refreshing greeting from the owners of the place!

This is a tower of small clay pots placed at the center of green lushy bushes. This just shows how Ilocano artisans are really commendable for their pottery artworks.

This is another area at the restaurant wherein Christianity is emphasized, having the Sto. NiƱo at the center and other figurines and plagues from the Bible arranged to resemble Catholic altars. A water feature is also placed to freshen up the whole scene.

We wandered around the area and saw this Lover's Corner at the back of the dining area. 

There are four huts serving as the dining area. The one at the center caught my attention because of the ceiling details. Most of the furniture pieces look new in my eyes. I don't know their significance but it seems to take guests back in time where the natives used only wood and thatched roof for their houses.

The lights are really enchanting.

The chairs and tables even look vintage.

They gave me an idea how old gin bottles can be creatively recycled. It somehow looks like an art project of a teenager.

Here is an interesting piece representing Hinduism.

Some pieces to signify how Muslims played a part in our country's religion.

If you would analyze the area, the restaurant has different underlying themes for each section. The areas were strategically placed according to the viewers' point. Unlike any other restaurants, the Hidden Garden does not only promote their Ilocano food but also Ilocos' best interests.

Animals could be also found inside the restaurant. Here is a picture of a pheasant inside her cage.

A well-carved elephant art piece as centerpiece.

Of course, their food is also one of the best! Here are their famous empanada and longganisa with some tapa and sliced bananas on the side.

Plus! A picture of me together with my friends and our professor at the middle :)



  1. Inggit ako. ANG GANDA. :)))) -- KARLA <3

    1. Sana talaga kasama ka namin! May picture ka sana with AHEM. :)<3

    2. Ngayon ko lang nakita yung reply. hahaha. :))))


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