Saturday, September 1, 2012

Classy Filipino Restaurant

Here's to another restaurant we visited during our Ilocos trip! Sorry for the late update! 
This restaurant is one of the best fine dining and catering services Laoag is mostly proud of. They are one of the places which serve the best Ilocano food. I just cannot pinpoint which is which. And oh, they offer the best pastries too! Good thing, I am not a food critique so I might as well babble more about their interiors.

La Preciosa Restaurant seems to look like an Ancient Filipino House(maybe in the 1950s) converted into a fine dining restaurant. Some tourists actually dine here because of the Filipino ambiance of the place. 

This area at the corner of the second floor is reserved for the performers.
 I love the idea of placing framed paintings of Old New York and other cities. The lacey curtains and yellow-ochre accents on the windows made the area look vintage and somewhat homey.

The chandelier seemed to come from the Art Deco period because of its intricate and curvy details.
I also loved the pattern on the table cloths. It adds to classic Filipino look of the house/restaurant.

These photos were all taken at the second floor of the restaurant. I didn't get the chance to take a shot of the exterior and the first floor since they're mostly crowded during that time.

You could check out their website anyway:

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  1. Classy Filipino Restaurant was very beautiful I want to go there sometime. it's better if you capture the food. maybe next time?


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