Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sitio Remedios Heritage Village: Loving Your Hometown Part I

Daryl Hannah once said, "It's not necessary to go far and wide. I mean, you really can find exciting and inspiring things within your hometown."

Just in time for lunch, we went to one of the finest resorts the Marcoses love to visit in Ilocos, the Sitio Remedios Heritage Resort. We were greeted by the architect who reconstructed the place, Architect Rex Hofileña. He even toured us to the whole place, explained every detail of his design and the history of the place.

Architect Rex Hofileña, explaining the concept of the resort
According to him, the Sitio Remedios Heritage Resort is a village adapted into a private resort found in Barangay Victoria, Currimao, Ilocos Norte It was made such for future and expansion purposes. It is owned by Dr. Joven R. Cuanang, a neurologist, Harvard graduate and Medical Director at St. Luke’s Medical Center. It is an interpretation of  the Paoay Church, which is evidently seen from the façade of  the houses inside the resort.  

The entrance pathway
 Architect Hofileña said that we must design seamless structures that will make people remember different places in one angle. He must have liven up to that philosophy because this entrance just reminded me of Rome in a Filipino way, I don't know why.

The 10th station of the cross
As you walk along the path, you'll find the 14 stations of the cross on both sides.

At the back of the resort is a clear view of the sea. Having myself captured by the sea makes me feel calm and serene. 

 The view from the veranda of Balay Batac
An interesting centerpiece at the side of the church

The plaza surrounding the Dining Hall
Water features and plantboxes surrounded each structure within the area. It felt very refreshing and rejuvenating to the soul. 
Facade of the Church
Plaza de Manzanillo in front of the church
The planning of having a plaza in front of the church is one of the approaches during the Spanish period. This, in turn, is inspired by the plaza in front of Paoay Church, also found in Ilocos Norte.

A closer view of the church
At the heart of the resort is the church, Capilla San Miguel, dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel who happens to be the patron saint of Currimao. The church is purely made of stone and wood. Probably, this is one of the reasons why it's windy inside.

A sculpted ornament of St. Micahel the Archangel at the west wall of the church

Right facade of the church
The "mini" buttresses seems to be a replica of the gigantic buttresses Paoay Church is famous for.

The wooden pews inside the church
Church Altar
Sorry for the blurred photo! The altar was placed in an elevated platform. You'll find interesting pieces in the church's altar.  The lamp cases were different apart from the usual ones. The detail at the central table also caught my attention because of its intricacy. 

The Church's ceiling

The ceiling is made mostly out of wooden trusses. At its center is a very vinatage-looking chandelier.
During extreme daylight, the sunlight was said to come straight across the altar to create that streamline effect. Very interesting, right?
Stoned floor
The floor is paved with stones, ventilating the area in the most effective way.

A view of the Balay Houses
Notice the tower of pot over there? I remembered seeing it in the Hidden Garden. Ilocos is really one of the best examples in promoting our very own craft. They know how to value their own products and how to make use of it.

A view from a Balay

Since we love Ilocos that much, my friend and I did a crazy dance in Plaza de Manzanillo to the tune of What Make you Beautiful by One Direction. We had it recorded but I am still waiting for my friend to upload it. HAHA

Wait for the second part of my review on Sitio Remedios Heritage Resort!

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