Monday, October 15, 2012

Not another Filipino Restaurant

It was my father's 48th birthday. We were strolling around the Robinsons Mall for fine restaurants. My first criteria in choosing the perfect place is the interior design, then the food just counts second. I actually voted for the Persian one but my mom craves for the Filipino taste. Then, we saw MANGAN standing out from a line of milk tea shops.

Mangan means "Kain Tayo" in the Filipino language. Mangan Restaurant is the other brand of Cabalen, which is famous for its buffet style offering the best Kapampangan dishes. This restaurant serves this home cooked meals I am sure most probinsyanos missed from their own provinces.

A Large Menu Display at the Front of the Restaurant
Mangan's simple trade mark
Seeing from the display windows, the interiors look vintage and classy and the food seems appetizing. Chandeliers and round lamp fixtures give this native but modern look from the outside.

Cabinet on display
This large cabinet facing the diners at the place seems really authentic but also contemporary. The cabinet is filled with books and other items Antique fans love to collect. An opening is cut through the cabinet to give space for the counter. Doors are also located on both sides for employees and staff to access the dining area from the kitchen space. 

Close-up view of the bookshelf
Most of the paintings were saints and angels, a proof that most Filipinos are Roman Catholic.
Right wall
This wall is really eye-catching because of the tamaraw's head projected from it. The lights from the lamps resting on the wall also gives this concealed effect somehow emphasizing the wallpaper's design.

Front view of the Right side wall
Left Side Wall
Two large mirrors greet you as you face this side of the restaurant. I love this leafy ornaments on the mirrors' green frame!

I just love the reflection of lights in this picture!

The ceiling is made of plywood with vents on either sides.

I noticed this chandelier because of the small circular disks composing it. I would love to own one someday!

Details on all sides of the Table
Mangan restaurant is not just the ordinary Filipino restaurant. The Kapampangan cuisine is really one of the best and sumptuous foods the Philippines can offer. The pictures below are just half of what we ordered. I love how much addicted I've been to the native taste!

Bangus na Bistek
Their own version of Bulalo
Togue fritters
I leave you with a picture of us, three: (from left) my cousin, my sister and I.

Visit them at Robinson's Place, Ermita Manila! 

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