Saturday, October 13, 2012

Part II: Inside Sitio Remedios Heritage Houses

The long wait is finally over! It's already our semestral break which means lots of time for blogging! I know it has taken me weeks before I blog the 2nd part of Sitio Remedios Heritage Resort. I'm sure the interiors of the five balays would really enchant you.

As you enter each balay, you'll find yourself surrounded with wood furnishings and nice pieces of antique furniture. 

The Dining Hall of a Balay
This Dining Hall is not the conventional type. Aside from the fact that there are only two chairs for the table, a simple blue vase is the only centerpiece. A huge painting of the Katipuneros is also a plus!

Living Room
A view of the ceiling from the stairs
Framed paintings of nature are hanged on both sides of the wall as you go upstairs. Large awning windows also give proper ventilation to the area. 

The following photos are some of the details I find very remarkable for their uniqueness, meaning and intricacy.

This not my Art Neither Luna's
Some of the unusual door knobs you'll never fail to notice from the outside.

A Dining Table Centerpiece
The tablecloth are crocheted sheets which are really prominent in ancient houses.

Figurines of Saints, books and vintage lamp fixtures are displayed on some sides of the house to give accent to the walls and to emphasize the religious nature of Filipinos.

The comfort rooms are wide and spacious enough for guests to use. An outdoor access is even provided for the private use of its tenants.
Comfort Room

Toilet Floor Paved with Stone

Clay-ed sink
The sink is made of red clay resting on hard wooden cabinet. The metallic faucet has somehow given the area this new accent.

The ceiling is made of Abaca or Pandan mats divided through bamboo slats. Intricate and fine lighting fixtures    also give the Ilocano spirit of the whole place.

A pig-shaped pot at front of a balay

A view from the second floor of the Balay

A white-painted ceiling divided through dark wood slats

Another vintage chandelier 

Some of the bed sheets were also crocheted and weaved with inabel fabric, also used in pillowcases and towels.

The space seems so full with old furnishings and heroic paintings but still looks expansive to entertain visitors. The chairs somehow look like the Sillon or what they call the chair in Louis XV style. 

A nice photo focused on an antique chair. These chairs are normally found on our grandparents' houses, they have wooden arms (unfortunately this one doesn't have one), a square seat, squarish trapezoidal or circular back, or solihiya (cane weaving) for both seat and back.

After a short trip inside the balays, we head towards the main dining hall of Sitio Remedios. It is fullyairconditioned with abaca matt ceiling, wooden trusses and the huge chandelier as its main attraction.

Buffet style
The dining table
My plate
Here's a yummy treat for my growling stomach! 

Sitio Remedios is probably one of those private places that I wouldn't ever grow tired of visiting! Although there were no television sets provided, I am sure that the warm and comfy feeling are enough to let my day pass by.

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