Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Collector's Home

My sister and I always visit my grandmother and relatives in ParaƱaque during long breaks and holidays. Every time my uncle comes home for a vacation, the house seems new because of the new pieces displayed  around the corners. I just noticed my uncle's good taste for antique and artsy stuff.

These candle holders are in my grandmother's mini altar at her room. I find the wooden twisted one very interesting and the stained glass v-shaped candle holder that seem to be resembling cathedral windows.

 These three old gas lamps in my uncle's room are also eye candies for antique collectors. I don't know how to set up its light but I sure want to try if I am given the chance.

I am quite certain that these pieces were from his Asian travels. The female at the center seems to be from Thailand. I just can't remember where I've exactly seen it.

I think this book stopper came from a local shop. It looks like a datu or a native proudly expressing his being Filipino.

The last three photographs are arranged inside this wooden cabinet, from porcelain and clay pots, glass figurines down to unique cigarette ashtrays.

Sorry for the blurred photos! There are actually more to this collection. My uncle does not only love collecting antiques but also books and good music. I just love looking around his home!

Home isn’t a place, its a feeling - Cecelia Ahern

P.S: What do you think of my new watermark? 

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