Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nifty Shades of Green Singapore Part I

I've been blessed this year with gifts that made me believe my dreams will eventually be put to reality. Travelling is really my source of happiness. Travelling to Singapore is much more a dream come true!

Last week, we get the chance to fly to Singapore for my sister's 18th birthday and to have quality bonding time as a family. 

I love the architecture of Singapore so much so allow me to give you a little trivia about it. Did you know that Singapore is the world's fourth leading financial center? No doubt why foreign firms and companies invest on the construction of its buildings. If I were really given the chance, I would want to live there.

Upon arriving at Singapore, we first visited The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The interiors were just breath-taking!

A nice water feature inside the mall!

 A cafe made to look like a floating restaurant from above
 You could really feel the Christmas Spirit just by strolling around the Mall! 
Here's a view of the Marina Bay Sands outside.

We got so hanged up by its beauty that we stayed longer before heading to our next destination. 

 NEXT STOP: Gardens by the Bay.
 This new park is really a must-seen tourist spot. Singapore is aiming to promote sustainability and green architecture in the city. The Gardens by the Bay became the output of their efforts in transforming the city into this wonderful green space. The place is divided into three divisions: Bay Central Garden, Bay North Garden and Bay South Garden.

Look at that spectacular view!

The bridge entrance to Gardens by the Bay

 See that flower-inspired towers? According to Wikipedia's article, the overall concept of its master plan draws inspiration from an orchid as it is representative of the tropics and of Singapore, being the country's national flower, the Vanda 'Miss Joaquim'. The orchid takes root at the waterfront (conservatories), while the leaves (landforms), shoots (paths, roads and linkways) and secondary roots (water, energy and communication lines) then form an integrated network with blooms (theme gardens and supertrees) at key intersections.

The Japanese Garden
The following photos are patterns and details I found interesting:

Grilled ironwork for walkways
A translucent glass wall

I just can't help having a picture at this wall!

 Notice the hole in that wall? Pretty Weird but amazing!

 Tenen! So I suggested to mys sister to have it as her backdrop for her blog. You could check her fashion blog here, just launched at the day of her birthday! :)

(Papahuli ba ako?) I literally want my photo to look like I was blowing a bubble but I guess it look more like me looking weird with that pose.

A view towards the Flower Dome
You'll eventually pass by this mini plaza as you go to the Flower Dome. This looks inspired by monoliths.

 Before you enter the dome, you'll find this centerpiece: a tree bark with gigantic ants on it. Pretty cool right?

This is just part 1 of our adventure at the Bay. More pictures and information about Gardens by the Bay on my next post! :)

P.S. I got my post title from our organization's event next week! Just want to credit our VP, Shine for the lovely title! 


  1. Wow! All your photos look great. I hope to visit Singapore one day as well. I hear it's really nice there.

    Glad I came across your blog. I'm now your newest reader/follower on Bloglovin. :)

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! Email me your pictures if ever you you'll have a trip there! :>

  2. hey thanks for following me,
    im following you now. keep in touch:)

    also you could follow me on my facebook page

    1. Sure no problem! :) Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. Beautiful shots of Singapore, Bettina :) stumbled upon here through your sister's!

    Ganda niyo lang pareho! :) Followed you!
    The Misty Mom

    1. Thank you so much Sharina! I told her to promote me in her blog!


  4. oh that mall looks so cool!! I wish our malls are as fun as that lol, I'd love to go to signapore one day

    1. Oh, I wish ours would look like that too! Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  5. I've been to Singapore but I was not able to visit this place which is very similar to Thailand's floating market. Thanks for this information I would really go back there to see that :)

    1. What year did you visit Singapore? Maybe it was still on construction by then. Thailand has that? I would love to go there!


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