Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nifty Shades of Singapore Part 3

And this was our last destination inside the Gardens by the Bay! The minute we enter the Cloud Forest, we immediately took photos of ourselves with the man-made mountain and waterfall as our backdrop(that's just how vain we are!). Good to know many people are doing that too!

A View of the roof and bridgeway
You'll really feel you're inside a real cloud forest! It was really cold though. You know why? Cloud forests are mountain forests in tropical montane regions where there exists contact between clouds and mists with the forest vegetation. The abundance of plants and orchids may have caused the cold climate, plus the cool breeze of the mists!
 I simply took a picture of this because of those exotic tribal statues. I've been recently addicted to aztec tribal patterns and they just remind me of them.
Crystal Mountain
The Crystal Mountain features these huge stalagmites and crystals rarely found in other climate zones. We also have these in the Philippines, if you have visited the caves in Palawan! 

Small pond at the topmost floor
 The man-made mountain and waterfall is 7 stories high. You could travel up and down the conservatory (as they call it) using the elevator and stairs inside. When you take the lift up to the 6th floor, you would take a few steps to the 7th floor and have the choice if you want to walk through the bridge all the way down. It was pretty scary, I tell you!
The journey inside the conservatory was not only breathtaking but informative. You'll read from these boards the importance of the forest as a vital resource.
You'll find this scaled model inside the Secret Garden. This was actually a full white board model of Gardens by the Bay with lights projected at it only to look realistic. Amazing, right?
A RAWR goodbye from the king of the jungle as we exit the Cloud Forest!

It was already past 7pm when we finished wandering around the Bay and we had to walk faster to get to the Singapore Flyer before we ran out of time but my dad wanted a photo with the Marina Bay Sands in the background so there it is!
We had to walk through this Helix Bridge before we get to the Flyer. See that spectacular view?
And another view of the Shoppes before leaving the area

Don't you just want to go there? :)


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