Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Dreamy Home

2012 has been a blessed year for me and my family. To start the new year right, we chose to celebrate it with our family and loved ones in our hometown, Tanauan. Oh, just how much I miss you so

My lovely cousin from abroad just came back from Australia to celebrate the Christmas season with us and just in luck, we had this swimming adventure in our so-called "village" in San Rafael. 

 It just so happened that we got to visit this house of my uncle's cousin, (correct me if I'm wrong).

I am not a usual fan of these kinds of houses but the minute we entered the house, I just fell in love with the furniture pieces. Some of which have been featured in this TV Show, Urban Zone
You would notice the lighting fixture at the foyer's ceiling! 
 Living Room
Some of the furnitures were still covered in plastic just to avoid rust but they've been living in this house for almost 8 years!

They even got this nice buffalo hanging over there! We asked them if it's authentic and guess what? They are!
I am a sucker of unusual furnitures and this one I just love! The eccentric style and use of native material are pure perfection(in my own opinion, I guess).

I was so excited wandering and taking photos around the house, I did not even ask permission if I could go upstairs. Sorry for that! 

Innovative Chandelier pieces!

 Detailed ceiling fixture
 Reception area at the second floor
The second floor seems to be Hollywood-inspired. Framed photos of New York, Los Angeles and California and fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn were seen everywhere! You can't just get hold of that starry feeling!

Master's Bedroom
The room was so breathtakingly beautiful! I've told you how fond I am with eccentric pieces. I just hope I could own that red velvet chair someday!
Barbie-inspired room
This Barbie-inspired room is just so dreamy any little princess would love to have it as their own! The colors were vibrant and the theme just suits the little owner of  this space.
Another "Princessita" Room
 Obviously, this is a little girl's room, just a younger one! The design was really very playful. I love some of the accents but I prefer a simpler style. You noticed how the interior designer maximize the space by using the stairs as storage compartments, very space-saving.
The "princessita" bathroom
Well, if you're a book lover, you cannot ignore this! I am jealous of that bookshelf! Wishing we had that huge space to have one in our room.

The third floor is the BOY'S SPACE. What made me drop in awe is the stairs leading up to the topmost floor. PURE GLASS! Glass stairs has always been one of my design strategies whenever we have residential or commercial plates.
The "Rocker" Room
Sorry for the names! I just want to identify each room based on their design. Even if this room is made for a guy, I am sure music lovers out there(like me!) would love staying around here. The artist just captured those shadows and details on the wall.
AND THIS! My most favorite room at their house!
The Fashion-inspired Room
I am not really a fashionista like my sister but I really love Fashion. It reminds me of Paris, Milan, London and New York, seeing beautiful models ramp in the runway and stylish individuals walk on streets. 
The minute I got here, it seems like I'm "living the dream" of a frustrated model. That's what makes you a good designer, giving that sense of feeling to your clients. Great job!

As I end this post, I just want to commend the architect and interior designer for such a lovely house. Kudos to Architect Neil Monzones! It looks minimalistic, modern and hip. I am sure most families would love living in this dreamy home!

Looking forward for more house visits! Haha :)


  1. Wow gorgeous house! What I like most is the exterior and the living room. :)

  2. Hello dear! Like your style, great blog! :) This is really amazing home.. I am your new follower now, I hope you follow back.. (??) :)

    Have a nice day, keep in touch! Your Elizabeth!

  3. Beautiful! Where is Architect Neil Monzones from, if you don't mind me asking. I have a place in Cebu and I've thought of building a rest house on it. Like a place my friends & I could stay when we visit the Philippines. =D Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Eden! I've never actually met him but I know he's from Batangas.

      That's really good to hear! I would love to blog that, if you don't mind! :)


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