Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sagada: A place for a True-spirited Filipino

Forest camping, trekking, spelunking and other nature tripping activities seem to have taken over the meaning of adventure. I myself, admit that I have loved doing these things after our trip to Sagada, Mountain Province. Yes, you heard that right! I've been luring myself with few extreme sports and enlivening the spirit of YOLO, the you-only-lived-once moments, hopeful that I could do all these things someday. And yes, Sagada is the best place to be when trekking and spelunking are your interests. 

The trip could be really exhausting because it would take you 10 hours to reach Banaue and another 2 hours to Sagada. We had our first stop at Banaue Hotel. Look at how "cultured" the place looks like. They've used wood as their prime material on ceilings, floors, trusses and beams. Wood carvings and weaved bags are also displayed around the reception and some are being sold at the souvenir shop. The staff and crew are even wearing their native costumes. 

We had our class picture before leaving the place. Shout out to my blockmate, Emi Alday for this picture!

Heading off to Sagada, my friends and I wanted to experience "top load", a common thing Filipinos do in provinces wherein 8-9 people sit at the top of a jeepney ride. Unfortunately, the weather isn't cooperating well so we were advised to do it some other time.

After 2 hours of sleep and pitch perfect madness, we finally arrived at Sagada Guesthouse Inn. Travelling could be really exhausting but the food took all the fatigue away.

See how they used wood prominently in their interiors?

We had our free time during the trip so we decided to go around the place and explore the streets of Sagada. We felt like we were nomads living in Mongolia, or any other Asian country. You could really distinguish their unique city planning apart from the urban design in other Philippine provinces. Maybe, that's the reason why most foreigners love to go here!
Transport Terminal

The other day,we had our first soulful adventure, SPELUNKING! It was also my first time to do some caving. 
DSLR cameras are discouraged to be brought so I grabbed some photos from my friend, Kathlyn Buenafe.
Look how awful we are while doing the whole activity!

On the way home to our inn, we get to experience the top load fun!

The next day is another fun-filled but exhausting soulful adventure. We had to pass the terraces on our way to Bomod-ok Falls, one of the famous tourist spots in Sagada. It's amazing how you can witness one even though you're not in Banaue. The Sagada Rice Terraces are made up mostly of small rocks piled on top of each other unlike the Banaue Rice Terraces which is composed of compacted soil.

There we go, doing the flying pose most kids do in commercials and it felt really dreamy. Photos I grabbed from two other friends, Jaymie Generoso and Audrey Indiongco!

The falls was really far but surprisingly not tiring. Seeing these rocky pathway made us more hopeful that we are walking in a journey towards a beautiful wonder.

Ofcourse, We made it!
If you have been there, you will definitely appreciate the nature's beauty and glorify God's greatness!

From soulful adventures down to architectural finds! We visited the cemetery and their old Gothic church. 
 The famous rose window, a Gothic feature

 A walk towards a mountainous view

We were supposed to have an up close look at the Hanging Coffins but our tour guide and professors discouraged us to go since it's getting late that time and the path could be very dangerous. If I would have been courageous enough like my friends, I would've seen the most prized possession of the locals. Good thing, my friend brought my camera and took these shots for me! Thank you Clarysse Zabat!

 Amazing how ancient traditions can bring delightful ideas for art's sake!

That's me taking a picture of the cemetery!I really want to post this photo even though its unnecessary. Haha,

Finally, we spent our last day in Banaue for lunch and pasalubong. They said Banaue offers the best wood carvings, so why not grab this opportunity to add one in a collection. I wasn't able to take a picture of them but I had my eye for these cute pieces, key chains and the adorable dream catchers!

We want to go over the area so we decided to eat at a restaurant nearby. We never thought it would took us long to wait for the food. The customer service might have disappointed us but the interiors made up for it.

I felt the Filipino ambiance in the place, noticing its native furnishings, weaved tablecloths and hand painted ceilings, very tribal and cultured. Kudos to the delicious food also!

The trip was really an escape from the busyness of the city. For us, incoming 5th yr students, we get to rest from all the stress at school. We get to bond and have this cool (literally cold because of the weather) experience in Sagada. Sagada is really one of the best. If given the chance, I would be glad to live there,just  feel the cold breeze of air, embrace their culture, and be one with locals. Enliven the Filipino spirit!


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