Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Walking Around Campo Santo de La Loma

One of the niches of specializing in Heritage Conservation is being able to revisit the old places and to know the history behind it. La Loma Cemetery or Campo Santo de La Loma is located at the outskirts of Manila and some parts belonging to Caloocan. Most of the mausoleums, tombs and structures were ruined since it served as a battleground during the World War II, but nonetheless, it remains historically and structurally pleasing to this architect's eye.

This is the old Church, or what they call "Simbahan ng mga Patay". It was called such because it served as a funerary chapel when it opened during the late 1800s to the 1900s. 

We were tasked to put everything in AutoCad drawing as part of our final examinations. Our professor is coordinating with the priest in charge of reviving the old church's glory days. This church has stood the test of time and survived typhoon and earthquakes. It has been important in the Philippines' history so why not preserve what's left of it.
My part in this project is to draw these interior windows and posts and identify the ruined, missing parts and what materials are used.

Below are some photos of the mausoleums and tombs I found very interesting. Some resemble the Gothic churches and others symbolize the architecture lost and gone in the country. Most tombs were named after Chinese professionals and priests.
Those were two of my friends baked under the sun when we got lost finding the old church inside the huge cemetery.

It was morning then but I get creepy looking at the streets and its even creepier when you take pictures of it. 

I hope we get reminded from time to time how important it is to preserve our own heritage. :)

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